I’ve had pink balls on my truck for 10 years now. I’m the only one I’ve seen with pink ones in the El Paso TX / Las Cruces NM area. Been pulled over because cops don’t like em but I challenge em to try and make me take them off. Then I ask if their jealous cause mine are bigger than theirs

– Deana

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I’ve had pink balls on my truck for 10 years now. I’m the only one I’ve seen with pink ones in the El Paso TX / Las Cruces NM area. Been pulled over because cops don’t like em but I challenge em to try and make me take them off. Then I ask if their jealous cause mine are bigger than theirs

– Deana

Driving a 2000 F-250, Super Duty, Crew Cab with the V-10.

Thank you, for your quick response to sending me Jake’s (my) ball’s. They will be hangin soon!!!

Mike, Texas

I can only say WOW !

I have never had such prompt service from any other net biz…Great products!


By far the best service I have ever had on ANY product. Thank you, I will be back for more…

Michael, Georgia

Hey guys……

Thanks for the great set of Balls danglin from the back of my Ram (truck that is). The gal who took my order was super to talk to, the service and delivery was super fast.

My wife dooesn’t like the idea of everybody seeing my Balls out in the open… I, however take great pride in “Runnin Balls Out” and showing my biggest Assets – SHOW EM IF YA GOT EM !

Red Dog ,Green Bay Wi,


Thanks for the Balls. These were a great idea. We recently ordered them for our trucks and they were a big hit. The toughest part was re-naming our trucks with guy names.

Thanks, Greg, NY

What a scream!!! I was researching an idea that I have for a semi truck accessory when I ran across your web page. I was laughing so hard that it was difficult for me to forward your website address to my boyfriend who owns a semi truck.

M&M, Texas

I nearly pee’d my pants reading your page describing the “Bulls Balls”. It’s wonderfully refreshing to see folks with a sense of humor. I will recommend your website to many people…

Thanks for the giggle, C. H.

Oh man, these things are mint!!

I get the greatest reactions from people on the road. In these days of Road Rage and Mad Cows, I like to think that I am lightening things up just a bit. If I can turn one persons bad day into a good one, I’m happy!

Thank you for such an innovative and fun product.


“Damn Strait this Cowgirl has a set of Balls and can prove it too!”

Thanks for your quick response.

We have already enjoyed the balls and plan to have more later. In fact, we may just have started a fad here in Pasadena, Texas.



God I love these thangs…..lmao the first nite i had them on, pulled in front of a Dodge truck, stopped at the lite, looked into my rearview mirror and saw the cowboy pointin…

and today, in daylight, an older couple in a red Suburban, were leaning forward tryin to get a closer look at my back end…then i saw them both start to smilin…he gets on his cell phone….probley sayin: Earl you ain’t gonna believe what me n the wife r seein hangin under this GMC truck in front of us that some cowgirl is drivin…

Thanks you all for havin the COOOOLEST TRUCK ACCESSORY ever…this beats the rest…

Killeen, Texas

Boy has this been a hard object to find…. I was in Talladega at the races the first time I run up on a set of these, I was with my father so I didn’t say a word. We got back to the camp site, I pulled my husband over to the side and told him “I just seen the biggest sac ever, hanging from the bumper of a truck” he of course didn’t really believe me, so as I was explaining that I didn’t really have the balls to say “Daddy would you look at the size of that sac,” the truck drove by, both of us run to the other end of the camper so I could prove myself…and, Daddy walked up behind me, “Doll, I was hoping that you didn’t see that a few minutes ago, but hey this is TALLADEGA.”

When we got back home, i called everywhere not having a clue as to what to even ask for or if I called truck accessory places or adult gift shop. I searched the internet for every term that I’ve heard them called… Finally I called Seco Performance. I told the guy I was having a hard time finding “something,” I stuttered out that I have a good friend that we call “nuts” and that I had seen these before hanging from a truck do you know where I can get a set or pair or whatever of these, “m’am I’ve never heard of such” then just started laughing, I tried to explain where I had seen them and that there was such a thing, but he helped me search the net til he found them!


Got my set of cajones from SpeedFreaks and they are quite, uhm – something. Have now sent the web page address to my chat friends, they are amused as well – especially those living in the South, hahaha.

Thanks for the chuckle!

Now I guess I have to buy a truck to hang them from, huh? :o)

I havn’t laughed as hard As I did yesterday in a long time. I’m driving along and see these nuts swinging behind a chevy just bouncing and dangling. I damn near soiled my pants. So I went on the net for 5 min and found em right away. I think the fad will get started here in MN, in no time. Oh yeah heres a ballsy comment,” Hey there Miss, How would like to have these swinging from your receiver!”

My balls are in the mail, I cant wait. I just hope I don’t get casturated. Thanks

Matt, Minnesota

John, This is my second order and once again I’m thrilled with the quality. There are 4 of us that work for this radio station that I wanted to outfit with a new set of balls and it looks like there will be one that won’t comply. Guess he’ll be the only one without balls.

Thanks again and I’ll be ordering again soon.

J.B.C. Abilene, Texas

This is sick! I love it, I’m sending your hyperlink to my friend who races motorcycles for “Nutsack Racing” in MN.

You should make one with a hernia or something. I wish you the best of luck, sick freaks!

Got the balls today, dang that was fast service — nice set —
put em on a rope & you’ve got a “attitude adjuster” too.

thanks again, William M B.

Just to let you know, where I live nobody has any balls. I’ll be the first.

What a crazy idea……I like it!


i have just gotten the pair of jakes balls about 2 weeks ago, the service was fast and once i got the set on, the looks and comments i get are endless. i have had everyone from young to old commenting on my balls and i am proud to say i have the biggest and only pair around-thank you for helping me sqeeze out a laugh of the dead beats around here.

sincerly ed- spring hill FL.

I ordered a set of the Bull Balls for my husbands 53rd. birthday. We had just purchased a new Ford F350 Crew Cab in the Arizona Beige color. I very seldom get him anything that is really cute or exciting. When he received these he was shocked.

We thought that would be the end. We traveled from Ky to NC and then to Pennnsylvania and back to NC. After the first day I decided to keep a log on the comments and question about them we received. I have enough already to write a book on them. We have told and given your email address to a total of 27 people.

I told my husband I think I should open up a franchise or sell them for you guys. I could have sold about 19 sets on my trip. We travel extensively so expect to have a lot more comments and question coming.

I am thinking about ordering a pair for my husbands 4 Wheeler.

Jan H.

Ever since i got my bulls balls, i’ve had nothing but good laughs, = pointing, and even a car load of women taking pictures of my balls.

i’ve = got the hot pink ones, so they stand out more.

i have people also tell = me, that my trucks’ got some balls!
its a 2003 dodge ram 1500 SLT 4×4 with = a 5.7 HEMI MAGNUM V8 . with the bulls balls it says it all!

thanks = for all the attention i get from my bulls balls!

dan the magicman.



Just received my Bulls Balls today, and the wife opened the package only to say “Oh MY Gosh! Those are the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen…Put ’em on the truck before we go to the bar!”

So needless to say thanx,


Just thought I would send you an email to let you know that your “balls” have been banned.

I bought a set of your chromed bigboy balls and promptly installed them on my truck and have just received notice from my First Sgt. that I have to remove them while my vehicle is on base, while others are allowed to run around with Malcolm X stickers, Scottish Pride, and every other nationality pride, etc.

While I feel that this is a ridiculous situation I just thought I would let you guys know that I will still “PROUDLY” display them while not on base.

Its a terrible day when we fight for our rights and the rights of others who can’t stand up for themselves & yet we are chastised for trying to bring a little humor to everyday life & express freedoms of our own.

Thank You for making these and don’t ever stop!
By the way I will be sending you pictures when I get them!

Take Care, (name withheld)
Disgruntled Fighter of Freedom (Just how free are we?)

The balls arrived the other day and i put them on right away. The guys at work think they’re hilarious.
On the other hand the ladies (school bus drivers) think they’re Nasty ! ha ha ha ha
thnx again for the bull balls , i will be ordering more from you guys as soon as i sell the rest of this order…

I would like let you know that the pictures on the website show mounting the unit somewhere on or just off the bumper. I have hung mine from the spare tire so that they hang a little further underneath the truck.

It creates a more “realistic” effect. I will include a picture next time and feel free to use it on your web site

David B.
J-ville Fla.

Thnx guys,

I’ve had my balls for about 6 months and the looks and laughs are still coming. Most everyone love them, but a few think they are tacky. People follow me all the time just to get a picture of them. Even the local Police pulled me over to get the web site address. Thanks for the fun!

Scott, Munford ,TN.

just a note for your testes-monials,
I got my ball’s the other day and put them on the truck as well as my 98 HOG. just after i got to work the ‘BOSS” came out and asked what the f—that was on the back of the truck? Daa, whats its look like to you. reply U got balls ( well most guys do so whats your point is.) he just looked at me and walked away shaking his head. later that morning i put a set of ( brass balls ) on his desk. he now sports them on his keychain. the other guys can’t belive that i did that and now want to know where i got the balls? when i get the time i will send on the pic’s—- till then let you balls flop in the breeze.

VT heart land USA

Yeah, and what do you say to the kids about this idiotic “accessory” to children? What little brains I have are hanging from the back bumper of this truck. Is that an example of compensation for the lacking in another area? I type in truck accessories and get this stuff.

Our answer to the above comments were:

thanks, we appreciate your comments…

you simply say:

well, my boy, you see, that is a boy truck…

His answer to our reply was:

My truck will be very proud to have a set of your balls hanging from its hitch, im sure my wifes truck will be parking a little closer too . . .

From: “Miller, A.”

Just wanted to say thanks for the good laugh. I had never seen them before. A F250 in drove by with a nice set. I had to call all my friends. I was in this really red neck town so it made it just that more of a joke.

To cute, Just this last week I bought a 4×4 Jeep I just might have to sport my own set… Thanks for the laugh.

Andy Smith Lawyer
From: Flo

Just wanted to let you know how much we’ve enjoyed showing off our nuts. Our Dually grew these over three years ago and have been proudly hanging every since!

Unfortunately, on the way home last week late at night, our nuts got into a head-on with a very large armadilla! Guess which one won? Sorry to report our nuts are gone but that armadilla sure has a big set of nuts to call his own! If anyone happens to catch site of an armadilla with a huge set of nuts, please call the number on the balls. We miss them and want them back!

P.S. I guess you’ll be receiving an order from us real soon…
just don’t feel right without them anymore!

Ronald L. McDonough, GA

Our balls are a hoot . . .

David Green Manager

got my order today, and they are wonderful!! I just love my keychain and the big boy nuts will be put on the jeep by this weekend.

Thank you so much for them.
Best Wishes, Renee S.

John Balck Creative Director