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Git one fer yur truck, yur car and git nuther fer yur wife er girlfriend !
(Makes a great gift for some of yur friends, as party favors, Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.)

Tired of rude drivers and road-hogs cutting you off, changing lanes without signaling and generally acting like jerks?  Looking for a safe and effective way to vent your frustrations?  Let the redneck "button" handle them for you.

Simply attach the Redneck Horn to your dash and when you feel the need to scream, just press the big red button.  Out comes one of ten "Redneck Insults" in a loud redneck accent sure to make you laugh and feel better fast.

Perfect Gift for those rednecks we all know.  Bill Engvall with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour says  " It's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time and is going on the dashboard of my truck."

The Original Redneck Horn and Nag Horn!

Tired of the way your husband or boyfriend drives?  Well, there's no need to nag him... let the Redneck Naghorn do it for you!  Just press the horn and out comes one of ten phrases that let him know what you really think!  Also a perfect gag gift for that Nag in your life!

Redneck and Nag Horn dimensions are 3.5" x 4" x .5" with batteries included.  Note: Parental discretion advised.  Uses language not suitable for children.

Redneck Horn

  1. What the hell was that maneuver?
  2. What race are you in Shithead?
  3. Son of a Bitch!
  4. Get the hell out of my way!
  5. Are you Freakin blind?
  6. Drivers License, You ought to get one, asswipe!
  7. Put the cell phone down Dickhead.
  8. You're a goddam moron!
  9. Slow down dumbass Wal-mart's open all night!
  10. Hey Hognuts, Who taught you how to drive?

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Redneck Naghorn

  1. Why don't you slow the hell down?
  2. What's wrong moron! Can't you stop and ask directions?
  3. Are you freakin blind?
  4. Stop the dam car, Walmart is having a sale!
  5. Turn signal is still on, you old fart!
  6. Pick a lane instead of your nose!
  7. This ain't Daytona, and you aint no Dale Earnhardt!
  8. Pull over and buy me something!
  9. You den't my fender and I'll dent your forehead!
  10. Drivers license... you oughta get one dumbass!

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  His - Red Neck Horn  $9.95 Discontinued
  Hers - Red Neck Nag Horn  $9.95

If you order the horns by themselves they ship by Priority Mail.

When you buy one or more with the truck balls, they will be included with your order and ship via Priority mail or UPS. (depending on the order weight)

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You may want to consider two other Unique Novelty Items :  Redneck and Nag horns.

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